Most Recent Wilson Homes Listed


The homes in this section reflect all those homes in the Boroughs of Wilson, Glendon, West Easton and Williams Township. Some of the surrounding areas include Bethlehem,Easton, Nazareth and Bangor

     Wilson is a combination of small boroughs inside the City of Easton so like Easton it is a great combination of a historical town with many modern conveniences. The State theater has shows playing year round as well as a selection of museums located near the down town area. For the kids there is the Crayola Experience where you can spend the day and watch their faces light up as they explore the many different rooms and areas in the building.  You can also go back in time and take a Canal boat ride down one of historical canals that still remain today. In addition there are many fine dining establishments in the down town area and more are being added all the time. Easton also is the home to the Easton Farmers market, the oldest continuous open-air Farmers Market in the US since 1792. The City holds many festivities in the town Circle including a candle lighting ceremony, the very popular Bacon and Garlic Fests and Heritage Day.

     If your driving through the area of Wilson and Easton you may not notice much of a difference except for the color of the street signs, they do however have there own separate schools and well as government facilities.