Selling Your Home

In today's market it is important to know that there is much more to selling your home than just putting a sign in your yard and adding your home to the mls database. I would love to sit down with you and discuss the process with you at not cost!


Important things to know

We all love our homes and have an idea what they are worth both on the market and to us as a home. As a Realtor my job is to show you what the house is worth on the open market and have my clients and I agree on a price to list the home at.  Sometimes its higher than you think and sometimes it is lower. My job is to get you the best price for the home in the shortest amount of time. 

I like to consider my clients friends as we go through the process and after the home is sold. I will always do my best to work in your best interest. In every home sale their are ups and downs our goal is to navigate through them and get your home sold and for the best price possible.