Most recent Parkland Homes Listed


The listings in this section reflect homes available in South Whitehall, North Whitehall and Upper Macungie Townships. Some of the surrounding areas include Allentown,East Penn, Northern Lehigh, Northwestern Lehigh, Whitehall-Coplay and Northampton

SouthWhitehall Township is a planned community located in Lehigh County, immediately west of Allentown. It is experiencing steady growth in its population which is currently sits at just over 18,000 people.It offers all of the amenities of a highly desirable community with a high quality of life, as well as an excellent climate for business, commerce and industry. Its 227 acres of parkland divided between twenty-two locations throughout the Township providesyear-round opportunities for leisure and recreation.  There are numerous playgrounds, athletic fields, sport courts, picnic facilities, and open spaces within the extensive park system for all to enjoy. In addition to the parks there are programs and events throughout the year for all ages.

Located in the Northwestern area of the Lehigh Valley, North Whitehall, home to another 16,000 of the Lehigh Valley's residents also has beautiful parks and trails, well-kept roads and facilities, highly regarded schools. The Township has a healthy mix of residential and agricultural uses and boasts some of the best farmland in the Lehigh Valley.

UMT or Upper Macungie Township was named originally “Maccongy” meaning “bear swamp” or “bears’ feeding place by the local Native American Lenni Lenape tribe. German settlers attracted by the fertile soil and abundant water sources arrived in the early 1700s pronounced the name “Macungie”. These early immigrants laid the cultural foundation of the area and there remains a strong Pennsylvania Dutch presence that can trace their lineage back to the original settlers.

Upper Macungie's exciting recreational locations and parks, 9 hole golf course, strategic location, great schools as well as a responsive and caring township government make it one of the fastest growing Townships in Pennsylvania.