Get Better Results With These Search Tips


When searching properties, please note, that the more detailed the search the fewer results you may receive. My suggestion is to always put in all your must haves and the things you would really like. If you find that you don't find what your looking for expand your search by expanding the area or by taking away some of the options you selected.



There are times when some listings are not 100% accurate and you may find something your looking for by taking some options away and seeing what comes up. For example some homes in the area may have a finished attic that you would count as a bedroom but legally they realtors cannot call it that. This would affect your search if you wanted a 4 bedroom home and the listing only shows 3 but it has a finished attic that could be a great fourth bedroom.



Another example is finished basements.  Many jurisdictions do not allow realtors to count finished basements in the square footage of a home so if you put in a certain number there may be homes with finished basements that will not show in your search but have the room you are looking for.



I will be contacting you once you start your search to see if I can help in any way so please let me know if I can adjust your search in any way or give you some help finding your new home. Again I wish you the best in your search for Lehigh Valley homes for sale.