What you need to know:

     Foreclosures: Many today are out looking for a great DEAL on foreclosed homes. They are out there to be found but not as many as some would think. With everyone looking for the the prices have come up on them and most are selling at market price because the banks want to get back the money they have in them back out. Many of the others will need work and can only be financed in certain ways. I do have lenders they are experts in these loans and can help you if you choose to go this route.


     Pre-foreclosures: There are sites out there the show pre-foreclosed homes. These homes are not readily accessible as the owners still live in them and the foreclosure has not even begun yet. This process usually takes many months for the bank to regain ownership then it takes time for them to go through the process of listing with one of their agents. There are agents out there who will tell you they can get you in early into these homes and on very rare occasions they might be able to. However most go through the long process and are only available to the public once they are listed with an agent.


     If you have any other question please feel free to contact me and we can discuss this further.