So you have decided to look for a New Home:

This can be a fun as well as stressful time in your life. I would like to help you with both. By the end of the process I hope we become friends and remain in contact long into the future. Here are some things to think about before you start this process.

Things to consider:

  • Where do we want to live?
  • What are the needs we have for a new home?
  • What would we like to have in our new home?
  • Have we discussed our financing options with a trusted local lender?

So what is next?

     For my clients, I prefer to meet with them in my office to discuss their  home search so that we can begin this process all on the same page. This is important because this process can be fun but also stressful and if we are all on the same page we can reduce some of the stress. I like to show you some of the information  I have access to that is not available on most websites you can search from home. This way we can save time in looking at homes that will not fit your specific needs. Some people look at 1 home before they choose and some look at much more than that. it is all normal in a search for a Home that works for You.

     Yes I do have local lenders I like to work with but as always you are free to choose who you would like to do your financing with. The benefit to using lenders we all know is that if issues arise we know that we can get a hold of them and get them solved as fast as possible.

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